The Truth behind SEO Myths

Many internet marketers don't really know how search engines operate, so many myths about this are often repeated. These myths can be hard to combat because once mistaken ideas are repeated often enough, they are widely believed in. Let's take a look at some of the most harmful of these myths so the next time you hear them you'll know better.

Optimizing long tail keywords is essential if you want to rank highly for them. You can find this myth in many internet marketing circles. In reality, long tail keywords are, by definition, not competitive, because there is not much search volume for them, so you don't have to optimize them. Ranking highly for long tail keywords is not difficult. All you have to do to rank for them is use them naturally somewhere in your content. It's as easy as that. You don't have to do heavy duty optimization for these keywords, which makes it obvious that you should target them.

Another common misconception is that search engine optimization is about tricking the search engines into ranking you. But if your aim is to fool the search engines, then you're indirectly trying to fool the target market that you want to get traffic from. The problem with getting traffic that has found your site after being tricked is that it won't convert very well. If you want to use true SEO, you have to focus on putting relevant Professional SEO Services content on your site and building quality backlinks, which the search engines will reward you for.

Tricks/tactics may also be about legitimate methods, they always don't have to be the wrong ones. Using honest methods will help you in the long run.

Even though some believe that it has an impact on the rank of your site in the SERPs, the need to frequently update your site is another fallacy. Adding fresh content frequently to your website will lead to spiders visiting your site more often but it won't affect your SERP rank. So if your site doesn't really need an update, then don't forcefully make the change just for the search engines. They will not be affected in any significant way. Simply visit some of the highest ranking sites in niches that are pretty popular and you will find they haven't had fresh content added in quite a while.

The best approach to SEO is researching already perfected practices and implementing them on your site. As search engines change their way of looking at sites, you need to adjust your site content - this is the only real way to optimize your search ranking.

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